Here comes the Big Bad Wolf
thedimensionalrose's RP Prompt list
  •  I'll add more as I think of ideas. This is for my followers that want to rp with me but don't have much of an idea what to rp. So just message me with which rp you'd like to do.
  • Stranded: Our muses are both stranded on a small island and must find a way to survive
  • Lost: Our muses are lost (location to be discussed) and are stuck with just the other for company
  • Medieval: One of our muses is a prince/princess on the run (mun can decide why) and runs into the other muse, who is a regular commoner
  • Ghost Ship: Our muses are stuck on a ship full of angry ghosts that are trying to kill them. They must find a way to lift the curse before the ghosts get them too
  • Deadly: One of our muses have been poisoned and is slowly dying. We need to find the antidote and fast.
  • Hunger Games: Our muses are selected to partake in the Hunger Games. Will we form an alliance or be enemies? Only one can survive. Unless we pull a Katniss.
  • Death: One of our Muses is dead and is now a ghost. They must help the other muse find a way to bring them back and prevent them from dying as well.
  • Pet: Our muses are living together. One finds a stray and brings it home, trying to keep it a secret from the other.
  • Blind Date: Our muses were both set up on blind dates by a mutual friend and it turns out it's with each other.
  • Assassin: One of our muses is an assassin assigned to kill the other. But after getting to know the other, can they go through with it?
  • Horror: The two wake up, tied up and bloodied in a cellar. They are trapped in a house with a crazed murder. They must find a way out, or get rid of the murderer before it's too late.
  • Who: Our muses suddenly have the ability to regenerate. If your Muse is immortal or can regenerate, they can now die.

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