Here comes the Big Bad Wolf
600 Followers Promo

I’ll be doing a promo to thank you all for 600 followers. No worries, I’ll still be doing a mun video as well. 

  • There’ll be a grouping of 10, with favorites bolded
  • 5 mini blog reviews and promos
  • and 2 full blog reviews with promos

Must be following me, seeing as this is a thanks for following me

You have 1 week to reblog. (until March 21)

You can reblog as much as you want, just don’t spam your followers too much.

Needs at least 25 notes to happen

March 14, 2013 #Ooc #Promo #Thanks for following #600 followers #HOLY CARP #I'll periodically reblog this throughout this day/week

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