Here comes the Big Bad Wolf

(( Okay. Gotta go finish getting ready for work. I probably won’t get anymore drafts done before I leave. But, here’s a handy dandy list of people I will try to get done as soon as I can:

Sorry for the wait on replies. New job, working about 9 hours hours a day doesn’t give me as much time for replies. BUT I only work 11:30am to 5pm tomorrow, so i’ll try to get it done then. If not then, I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, so hopefully then. <3

Like this if I owe you and your name isn’t here. ))

February 2, 2013 #thebeatingofthedrums #the-10th-timelord #wethreedoctors #thecaptainjamessong #talktothe11thdoctor #therosewhocouldlovenomore #katerina-the-time-lord #protectyourmemories #ibroughtyoualetter

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